Thursday, February 6, 2014

#6 Please Pass the -- What???

One thing that I truly enjoy is a tuna salad with Mayo on a bed of lettuce.

or tuna on Wasa crackers:

And as of late -- I have been enjoying this great tasting eggless, all-natural dressing and spread -- that's better than Mayo.  It's called Veganaise.

I did a comparison with it and another spread called Vegan Nayonaise:

The two on review

Ingredients you can understand -- Veganaise Calories 90 Fat Calories 80

Ingredients that's hard to understand -- Vegan Nayonaise Calories 40 Fat Calories 30

I can say by looking at the ingredient list on each -- the Vegan Nayonaise ingredients are skeptical -- lots of things I could not understand -- therefore even though the calories are low -- I was hesitant to try it -- but for comparison -- I did purchase it and tried the taste and I must say -- it was not good in my opinion.  The taste was very bland -- like they took all of the flavor out -- no wonder calorie wise it was low.

The Veganaise on the other hand was YUMMY!!!!!  Full of flavor and I like it better then the usual Kraft or Hellmann's.  Very impressive!  They also have a Chipotle flavor that is to die for -- great with baked chips or fries:

Um um Good!

You can find Veganaise at Diebergs in their section where specialty healthy selections of yogurts, butter and other dairy is found.  It runs for under $5.  For more information on Veganaise -- check out this link:  

You can watch your waistline and still enjoy the Mayo taste.  Just be sure to buy products with ingredients that you can understand.  I hope you give this a try.  I highly recommend it. So here's my Scale from 1-5 -- with 1 being Really Great, 2 being Good, 3 being OK, 4 being Not Good, 5 being I wouldn't give it to my dog if I had one.  I would give this Veganaise a HOT #:


A number two only because of the fat content.  But it's definitely better than a regular Kraft or Hellmann's.  Give it a try!

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