Thursday, October 17, 2013

#3 Cathy's Kitchen Review


This blog will primarily focus on things/places that I have eaten and enjoyed -- therefore I'm in turn giving my personal review about it.  Foods and restaurants that are:
  •  Clean
  •  Vegan
  •  Vegetarian
  •  Whatever food that falls into the category of "healthy"
So why do I start my very first blog post for "Oh Taste & See" reviewing a restaurant that is NOT listed in that category?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  I'm reviewing this restaurant because:
  1.  It is new and up-in-coming here in my neighborhood.  I love to support those that are starting out.
  2.  I read about this restaurant in my local paper and what interested me the most about it was the lady who owns it -- Cathy Jenkins -- she started it based on her travels for two months.  While on vacation she visited California, New Mexico, Texas, St. Louis, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans and Florida.  Everywhere she ate and enjoyed the food, she asked for recipes of those meals.  The restaurant owners were very nice and they gave her their recipe.  In her mind, she was going to come home and recreate these recipes for her family.  She had no ideal that one day she would one day own her own restaurant making foods from her travels.


My family and I have enjoyed eating at Cathy's Kitchen and the variety of choices that are on the menu.  My teens favorites are the fries.  With your burger or other entrees -- you get fries that are so delicious you could eat them alone.  I've tried the sweet and sour wings and they are good as well. 

If you are ever in the downtown Ferguson area, stop by Cathy's Kitchen at 250 S. Florissant, Ferguson, MO 63135.  You can also visit her on Facebook at this link :

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