Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#1 Lemonade in LA

In my travel this year to LA, I went to this awesome restaurant, referred to by my brother, who knows the ins-and-out of LA.  I mentioned I wanted to go to a place that served good, "Clean" food.  He suggested  -- L E M O N A D E!!!  It sounds more like a place to get drinks but I was too impressed by the selection of good food!

Boy do I miss this place

Talking about good, healthy food!  I could eat there everyday.  Too bad there's not one here in St. Louis.  But oh well -- something to look forward to when I travel!

If you are traveling to LA and you want to try some good, clean food -- checkout LEMONADE  -- you will be glad you did.  I visited the one in Venice.  Here's the link:

Here's a link which talks all about the culture of Lemonade and a video that shows them in action

You never know what you'll see from my travels or what's being reviewed here -- so stop by often and tell a friend!


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